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Live Eyes™ :: Product Solutions

Simplifying the internet for the customer, and making information readily accessible Since 2001, Live Eyes has provided products that change the way people around the globe access, use and utilize digital information and the internet. We are focused on simplifying the existing solutions, and narrowing the digital divide. For more information visit the resource centers below.

Web Servers :: Hosting personal websites to Fortune 500 corporations

Unmatched reliability and lightning-fast network connectivity in a custom hosting environment
Live Eyes™ Web Servers

Internet Marketing :: Let others know you exist

Search Engine Optimization & Submission, eMail marketing and Web Advertising
Live Eyes™ Marketing Services

Desktop Alerts :: Communicate with your audience

Custom built Push platform for the enterprise, to deliver information directly to the screen of computers, handhelds or mobile phones
Live Eyes™ Web Servers

Software and Technology Solution & Programming

Creative and intelligent software solutions

Security & Surveillance Cameras and Devices

Security has never been so affordable or easy
India's first Live web cam site

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