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Desktop Alerts :: Communicate with your audience

Custom built Push platform for the enterprise, to deliver information directly to the screen of computers, handhelds or mobile phones. The news your clients want; the alerts you need. Our family of Desktop Alerts and Tickers make it easy for you to stream the relevant data to your clients' desktop. Our products use push desktop alert technology that guarantees the delivery of your important messages including text, images, surveys, video and multimedia via your own branded windows at precisely the time you schedule, direct to your audience's PC's and in front of all other content.

All our desktop alert software are tiny applications that run in the background on personal computers. We can custom build applications that suit your business.

Keep in touch with your customers

Repeat customers are critical to your business. By having an open communication channel to their desktops, you can make sure their loyalty lies with you.
Please take a look at our custom Live Score Widget and Desktop Alert software.. Cricket Widget, Desktop Scorecard

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