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From Internet Solutions to Live Media

Charting our growth, and outlining our future Ever since Inc., a sister concern of, started operations in New York city in 2001, we have been developing and investing in multitude business ventures in India and the USA. While Inc has been a leader in Internet, Marketing and e-Commerce services since its inception, other businesses that we entered into have also proved successful over the years. At the start of 2007, we can boast of a New York City based Stock Photo agency, a Cricket Portal that has been ranked as high as 7000 in the world among all sites, and several Sports, News and Entertainment web sites.

LiveEyes Media Pvt. Ltd. operates the first Indian Live webcam site, that streams live videos from all parts of India to a global audience.
We are dedicated to provide value based Internet and network services expertise and technology in India and USA.

While the head quarters is located in New York City, the office in India - managing LiveEyes Media Pvt. Ltd. - has been functioning from Kerala State. We are currently in the process of setting up branch offices in most of the important cities in South India, with well trained and professionally qualified sales & service personnel. These offices will be our backbone for the Tourism, Security, Media and Webcam businesses that we will be focusing on in the coming months.


Some of the sites listed here belong to either LiveEyes Media Pvt. Ltd. or Inc.
Web Server and Hosting Company Cricket Portal Stock Photo Agency

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Phone number: India: +91-93-87904446; +91-98-95006788 (8 AM - 8 PM IST)
International: +1-917-403-5687 (NYC 10 AM - 10 PM EST)